The bulk billing GP in Mitcham

Doctor visits and medical expenses are an indispensable part of our lives. Sometimes, even if we are careful, we tend to fall sick. We are prone to infections, accidents, lifestyle diseases, age-related diseases and so on. Based on the condition, these treatments can become quite expensive and a bulk billing system can lessen this load to a large extent. The bulk billing system is a provision under the Australian government, which lists certain medical treatments that can be billed to the Medicare system of the universal health insurance scheme. As per this policy, the doctor is paid a percentage of the fee for the patient.
At NBS Clinic in Mitcham, your health and well-being is of utmost importance and we strive towards giving you the best possible in medical care. Our doctors and surgeons are experienced and skilled, and comw with in-depth understanding of the human anatomy and ailments. They are able to offer holistic solutions to you well-being. At NBS, our doctors strive to cure the root cause of your concern rather than merely treating the symptoms alone. We cover an array of medical specialisations under our wing including Female GP, Pediatric GP, GP for pregnancy care, Travel vaccination, Physiotherapy, Clinic for cosmetic procedure and so on.
Benefits of a bulk billing GP
1. Cashless – One of the prime benefits of going through a bulk billing facility is that you do not have to pay any consultation-fee upfront. Once you give in your details, all the payments are processed digitally, linking to your Medicare account.
2. Hassle-free – They bill your insurance provider directly so you are relieved of the burden required for all the documentation and reclaims and so on. You do not have to make extra visits, calls or do any further filling of forms to receive any reimbursements.
3. Discounts – The treatments listed under the Medicare plan comes at a discounted rate, thus lessening your financial burden. The doctors practicing the bulk billing procedure are usually highly skilled and they do not charge you unfairly or exorbitantly for their services.
4. All covered – A bulk billing covers expenses such as consultation fee, tests, surgeries and procedures, and examinations.