The best medical centre clinic in Box Hill

As the saying goes, ‘Health is Wealth’. Having a healthy physique and mind is imperative to a smooth life. Even though we try to stay in the pink of health by a healthy lifestyle, eating right and working out, we are still susceptible to diseases and health concerns. Not all ailments are a part of poor lifestyle, some of them are age related, genetic disorders, hormonal issues and so on. When it comes to treating your illness or condition, it is very vital to seek medical help from the best medical centre clinics and the doctors who have adequate expertise in their field.
At NBS Clinic in Boxhill, we put your health as our priority and work towards providing you with the best that the healthcare sector can offer. We work on a holistic approach and give equal weightage to both your mental and emotional health. Led by expert physicians who have proven their excellence in their respective fields and supported by state-of-the-art facilities and equipment, we attend to patients across ages and any extent of diagnosis. We cover an array of medical specialisations under our wing including Female GP, Pediatric GP, GP for pregnancy care, Travel vaccination, Physiotherapy, Clinic for cosmetic procedure and so on.

Tips for choosing a GP for pregnancy care

1. Recommendation – Ask your friends and family for recommendations because there is nothing better than getting a personal feedback about a doctor from someone you can rely on.
2. Reviews – Use the internet to its full potential and look for online reviews and feedbacks on a particular doctor. There is lot of information available and one is able to take an informed decision, this way.
3. Experience – Once you shortlist your options, looks for details on their experience and expertise such as where they went to medical school, number of years of experience, specialisations, any legal proceedings against them, and so on.
4. Insurance – Pregnancy and delivery are expensive medical procedures and ensure that your doctor accepts your insurance provider and is willing to let you claim insurance as it can lessen the financial burden on you.
5. Comfort – Pregnancy is a tough time and the uneasiness and issues you have to tackle might be diverse. Find out if your doctor is accommodative of your needs and is understanding of your physical and emotional turmoil.